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English-Hindi > karaokes" sentence in Hindi

karaokes in a sentence

11."Karaoke addicts " will sing anything, anywhere, anytime.

12.Many of them show up at several karaoke bars each week.

13.Saturday night means karaoke at one of the local yacht clubs.

14.Fortunately, friends in the karaoke industry donated my transportation fees.

15.For the karaoke machine, cockroaches and mice are the enemy.

16.The neighbors play Chinese pop music and sing along to karaoke.

17.Taiwan has tightened fire safety inspections since the karaoke bar fire.

18.Talk show hosts, karaoke, anything is fine by me,

19.Many karaoke clubs are controlled by Hong Kong's underworld.

20.Many karaoke clubs are controlled by Hong Kong's triads.

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