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English-Hindi > karat" sentence in Hindi

karat in a sentence

21.Is there place for more 24-karat jewellery?

22.Before 1980 they were struck in 23 karat gold.

23.It is marked with a karat to emphasize this.

24.Included in the renovations were six 23-karat gold-leaf sculptures.

25.Her flute was made by Muramatsu Flutes out of 24-karat gold.

26.However Prakash Karat refused to take the mantle from Surjeet at that point.

27.The higher the Karats of the gold, the worse her reaction is.

28.The arm-- and the heart-- are 24-karat gold.

29.But where does it say that the palace needs 24-karat gold faucets?

30.Company meetings : Enex Co ., Kamunting Corp ., Karat Sanitaryware Plc.

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