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English-Hindi > karat" sentence in Hindi

karat in a sentence

41.Nobel Prize medals consist of 18 karat green gold plated with 24 karat gold.

42.Afterward, Karat's pace slowed considerably.

43.All CSP badges are 10 karat gold filled, a long-standing tradition.

44.The facade includes inlays of 14 Karat gold.

45.Does platinum jewelry have karats or something similar?

46.Karat also stated that further seats could be contested as well by the front.

47.A Uttaranchal Minister Dhirendra Pratap accused Karat of foul play and demanded an apology.

48.Seven nibs in different thicknesses are available, all made from 18-karat gold.

49.And a powder room with 24-karat gold faucets _ one of 12 bathrooms.

50.14 KARAT : Originally known as " The People's Champion,"

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