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English-Hindi > katharsis" sentence in Hindi

katharsis in a sentence

11.The government was based on an alliance between ND and the Coalition of Forces of the Left and Progress ( Synaspismos ), which then included the Communist Party of Greece, with a mandate to conduct a clean-up ( " katharsis " ) after the scandals.

12.Orphicism and Pythagoreanism, two common ancient Greek religions, suggested a different way of life, based on a concept of purity and thus purification ( " katharsis " )  a form of asceticism in the original sense : " asksis " initially signifies a ritual, then a specific way of life.

13.Orthodox Psychotherapy Section The Knowledge of God according to St . Gregory Palamas by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos published by Birth of Theotokos Monastery, Greece ( January 1, 2005 ) ISBN 978-960-7070-27-2 According to the standard ascetic formulation of this process, there are three stages : " katharsis " or union with God ).

14.In Roman Catholicism the same concepts have been treated under different names ( " Via purgativa ", " via iluminativa " and " via unitiva " ) by St . John of the Cross and St . Theresa of Avila . " Via purgativa " is the Roman Catholic equivalent to " katharsis ", and " theoria " is subdivided between illumination and full mystical union.

15.This is seen as the culmination of the three states, or stages, of perfection through which the soul passes : the purgative way ( that of cleansing or purification, the Greek term for which is ????????, " katharsis " ), the illuminative way ( so called because in it the mind becomes more and more enlightened as to spiritual things and the practice of virtue, corresponding to what in Greek is called ??????, " theoria " ), and the unitive way ( that of union with God by love and the actual experience and exercise of that love, a union that is called ??????, " theosis " ).

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