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English-Hindi > kauai" sentence in Hindi

kauai in a sentence

1.And such is the magic of Kauai that I believed her.

2.The scenery ( Kauai, Hawaii ) is exotic and grand.

3.HANALEI COLONY RESORT : Ha'ena, Kauai, Hawaii.

4.Cloud cover over western Kauai had canceled two weekend takeoff attempts.

5.It was expected to land Tuesday on the island of Kauai.

6.One camp was located at Hawaii and Camp Kalaheo on Kauai.

7.Port Allen Airport is a subordinate of the Kauai District officials.

8.The family later moved to a remote valley on Kauai island.

9.His death was classified as " accidental " by Kauai police.

10.Balmores attended Kalaheo Elementary School and graduated from Kauai High School.

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