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English-Hindi > kayoed" sentence in Hindi

kayoed in a sentence

11.And then there's the potential war with Iraq, which could affect box-office receipts much the same way Sept . 11 kayoed activity for several months in fall 2001.

12.He was " disappointed " in the second half and mournful over the loss of running back Derrick Lassic, apparently kayoed for a couple of months with a first-half knee injury.

13.Williams said after his leadoff blast to center off Rod Beck in the 10th inning had kayoed the Red Sox, 4-3, in the opening game of the American League Championship Series Wednesdaynight at Yankee Stadium.

14.The innocuous phrases " free with DOS " and " free with Windows " have kayoed entire, once-thriving software categories such as disk utilities and low-end word processors _ not that WordPad is half bad.

15.Burt Lancaster, making his film debut as a boxer turned passive and resigned to his fate, is the quintessential noir victim, hollowed out by a corrupt universe, kayoed by femme fatale Ava Gardner, numbly awaiting a death he views as inevitable.

16.By late 1924, World Featherweight champion Johnny Dundee vacated his title and a tournament was arranged to determine a successor . " Kid " kayoed Angel Diaz in three rounds, outpointed Bobby Garcia over 10-rounds and then halted Joe Lombardo in four rounds to advance to the finals.

17.Depp has amazed some observers by surviving the kind of reckless lifestyle which has kayoed several of his peers, but it's no surprise that his career is at something of a peak after critically acclaimed performances in " Chocolat " ( 2000 ) and the current " Blow ."

18.There were three parts to the old Zord series ( Zords are the Rangers'dinosaur-like vehicles ); then there's the five-part series, which is the only place to feature Tommy, the coveted Green Ranger, whose loss of powers kayoed his character and drove up his price tag.

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