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English-Hindi > kingcraft" sentence in Hindi

kingcraft in a sentence

11.Kingcraft went into the winter break regarded as the leading colt of his generation, being second favourite for the 1870 Derby behind Sunshine.

12.When the race got under way French restrained Kingcraft at the back of the field in the early stages before making steady progress from half way.

13.French made his move on Kingcraft just over a furlong from the finish, took the lead from Palmerston and quickly pulled clear to win by four lengths.

14.On 23 April 1872 Kingcraft returned to Epsom, the scene of his biggest win, and ran unplaced in the City and Suburban Handicap won by Digby Grand.

15.Ridden by Tom French, Kingcraft was saddled away from the main paddock and disappointed the crowd by failing to take part in the parade in front of the stands.

16.Although the defeat was disappointing, it was pointed out that Kingcraft was not an " every day " horse and may not have recovered from his run in the Middle Park.

17.Receiving two slightly different reports of the race within a short space of time, the APA reporter assumed that two different events were being described and reported that the race had been run in two heats, with Kingcraft winning both.

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