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English-Hindi > labour department" sentence in Hindi

labour department in a sentence

11.There are also 20, 000 vacancies on the Labour Department register.

12."Information about 30, 000 vacancies still hasn't reached the Labour Department,"

13.Also present was Labour Department director-general Datuk Tengku Omar Tengku Bot.

14.Can I complain to the Labour Department that my company is not being fair?

15.Lim said the Labour Department was taking follow-up action to help the affected workers.

16.Ms Chan urged the Labour Department to deploy more manpower to inspect small companies.

17.The Labour Department decides to make revisions in minimum wage rates mandatory within 3 years.

18.The Labour Department will mainly deal with those who may be seeking a new job.

19.The Ipoh Labour department managed to get the award within four months, a record time.

20.Another job seeker, Connie Leung, complained job descriptions in Labour Department advertisements were frequently misleading.

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