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English-Hindi > labour department" sentence in Hindi

labour department in a sentence

21.From 1966 he worked for the Labour Department of Budapest City Council as a jurist.

22.He suggested the government improve the Labour Department's services.

23.He urged jobless construction workers to register at the Labour Department and take the test.

24.THE Labour Department has vowed to prosecute anyone hiring elderly people to work in slave-like conditions.

25.The Labour Department won and on 3 January 2007, Sing Pao was fined HK $ 4200.

26.The media and the head of the Labour Department criticised the punishment as being too light.

27.Lim said he will pay a visit to these companies after Labour Department completed its investigations.

28.Job-seekers have no faith in Labour Department listings

29.The Justice Party leaders were extremely vociferous in their attacks on Dalits and the Labour Department.

30.Also unpopular were the Education and Labour departments.

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