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English-Hindi > labour department" sentence in Hindi

labour department in a sentence

31.Any company which wants to retrench workers or cease operations must also inform the Labour Department.

32.According to the Labour Department, as of April 11, 853 companies in Peninsular Malaysia have retrenched workers.

33.The Labour Department and the Transport Department are to assist New World setting up the new franchise.

34.The Labour Department helped find work for 1, 900 jobseekers last month, and 1, 300 in February.

35.However, he said any action taken will be based on reports sent in by the Labour Department.

36.All employers are required to report to the Ministry's Labour Department before retrenching any of their employees.

37.Additional work in this area is carried out by provincial and territorial labour departments and workers'compensation boards.

38.In fact, the Minister has directed the Labour Department to prosecute irresponsible employers to make examples of them.

39.The Ministry said the number of people registering with the Labour Department was increasing while vacancies were fluctuating.

40.The figures are based on reports made by employers to the ministry's Labour Department on their retrenchment exercise.

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