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English-Hindi > labour disputes" sentence in Hindi

labour disputes in a sentence

1.Construction of the South-Pettah stretch was slow partly due to a labour dispute.

2.Saavedra legalized the right to strike and introduced government arbitration in labour disputes.

3.More than 1.3 million workers were involved in these labour disputes.

4.Louey had also experienced a few labour disputes during his office.

5.This change in strategy provoked a labour dispute in late 1990s.

6.Shortly after, in 1911, the first of many labour disputes happened.

7.Another controversial use of the Act was in the settling of labour disputes.

8.In addition, its uncut, unkempt grass became a symbol of the labour dispute.

9.The Soviet military leadership had no understanding towards Finnish labour disputes.

10.While the labour dispute, Stajan was assigned to St . John's.

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