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English-Hindi > labour disputes" sentence in Hindi

labour disputes in a sentence

11.Material shortages, labour disputes, storms, fires, and boating accidents led to major delays.

12.This was the airline's first labour dispute since it began business.

13.Sloan also served as mediator in a number of provincial and national labour disputes.

14.This meant that labour disputes were civil matters, not for consideration by criminal courts.

15.Spode also worked on labour disputes, tobacco consumption and other historical and political topics.

16.In particular, he was interested in resolving the growing labour disputes of the time.

17.Enforcement of contracts was difficult, and the large bureaucracy delayed resolutions of labour disputes.

18.Among the three applications, CMB's was criticised most as it had regular labour disputes.

19.The social conditions were nevertheless such that labour disputes arose.

20.The magazine ceased publication in 1998, owing to labour disputes.

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