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English-Hindi > labour disputes" sentence in Hindi

labour disputes in a sentence

21.In January 2005, due to the NHL labour dispute, the CBC cancelled that year's broadcast.

22.During the 1999 labour dispute, Saraste had offered to serve as mediator in the situation.

23.This was followed by nationwide labour disputes and strikes.

24.Shooting was disrupted in April by an ongoing labour dispute between film workers and producers.

25.The labour dispute was resolved on February 14, 2004.

26.Enmore is known for the Enmore Martyrs, who were slain during a 1948 labour dispute.

27.Part II considers regulated labour markets resulting from labour disputes, trade unions and government action.

28.It has been noted as one of the most important labour disputes in Canadian history.

29.In 1937, radio commentators used the term for Racine, Wisconsin, because of strikes and labour disputes.

30.The renovations involved a labour dispute and a temporary move to the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall.

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