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English-Hindi > labour disputes" sentence in Hindi

labour disputes in a sentence

31.The ministry also appointed a tripartite committee comprising 21 members to prevent and solve labour disputes.

32.They were marked by several severe labour disputes.

33.His managing editorship was most notable for his avoidance of both labour disputes and libel actions ."

34.In 1911 he fell out with the Trades Union Congress over support for the Labour Disputes Bill.

35.Multiple fans produced versions of the song with lyrics changed to reflect the 2012 13 labour disputes.

36.The labour dispute was resolved by arbitration.

37.The early 1980s did not go as well for Moto Morini, with labour disputes and diminishing sales.

38.The number of labour relations issues within a year peaked in 1973 at 3, 370 labour disputes.

39.As a result of the rise of Chartism and an organised labour movement there were labour disputes.

40.First, there must be a labour dispute.

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