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English-Hindi > labour disputes" sentence in Hindi

labour disputes in a sentence

41.Tri-partite panel to curb labour disputes

42.Though closed in 2003 due to a labour dispute, it reopened in August 2004 under a different trust.

43.The tribunal comes under the Judiciary and provides a quick, inexpensive and informal forum for settling labour disputes.

44.Inspired by the Cultural Revolution, the HKFTU escalated labour disputes into the economic reform in the late 1970s.

45.In 2006 the mine was affected by a labour dispute which lasted from early April to early June.

46.Trairong Suwankhiri, the labour minister, similarly is a character not good at finding easy solutions to labour disputes.

47.Marshall was also put under considerable pressure by ongoing labour disputes, which he took a significant role in resolving.

48.In 1965 he became the National Labour Dispute Conciliator and held the post in 1965 1970 and 1979 1980.

49.These laws provide for the mediation and the arbitration of labour disputes ( see Compulsory arbitration and Conciliation ).

50.Labour disputes can be submitted by employees to the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization ( ILOAT ).

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