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English-Hindi > lacebark" sentence in Hindi

lacebark in a sentence

41.However, " B . discolor " is also referred to as the Lacebark Kurrajong, and Bottle Tree is a term commonly applied not only to other species of " Brachychiton " but to members of other genera around the world.

42.The bark of " Edgeworthia " and " Wikstroemia " is used as a component of paper, while " Lagetta " species are known as lacebark for their lacelike inner bark, which has been used to make clothing and utilitarian objects.

43.It appears that lacebark was sourced from trees growing wild ( rather than under cultivation ), and though sometimes an entire tree would be felled to get at the bark, in many cases a single branch would be lopped off to preserve the tree for further harvesting.

44.Its collection includes three Pennsylvania State Champion Trees ( a giant dogwood, a needle juniper, and a lacebark elm ), as well as azaleas, dogwoods, magnolias, junipers, lilacs, viburnums, witch-hazels, Japanese maples, rushes, and wildflowers.

45.The most important food resources for both these species are the seeds ( pine nuts ) of various pines ( " Pinus " sp . ), principally the cold-climate ( far northern or high altitude ) species of pinyon and lacebark pines in subgenus " Ducampopinus ".

46.Production of lacebark items ( even as souvenirs ) started tailing off in the early 20th century, largely because of the increasing rarity of the trees but also partly because of the labor-intensive nature of harvesting work and ( after World War II ) a decline of interest in traditional crafts.

47.From the west, the more arid interior and tropical north are wilga ( Geijera parviflora ); broad-leafed bottle tree ( Brachychiton australis ); lacebark ( Brachychiton discolor ); tulip oak ( Harpuilia pendula ); with the Leichardt tree ( Nauclea orientalis ); celery wood ( Polyscias elegans ); yellow wood ( Flindseria xanthoxyla ).

48.Schaapveld lists six trees as the absolute best varieties to plant in North Texas : shumard oak ( " Quercus shumardii " ), Chinese pistache ( " Pistacia chinensis " ), lacebark elm ( " Ulmus parvifolia " ), bur oak ( " Quercus macrocarpa " ), chinquapin oak ( " Quercus muhlenbergii " ) and live oak ( " Quercus virginiana " ).

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