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English-Hindi > lacewood" sentence in Hindi

lacewood in a sentence

21.:: : : This type of tree nomenclature can also be found in cottonwood, lacewood and buttonwood, but I can't think of an Old World example . talk ) 20 : 10, 1 September 2014 ( UTC)

22.The rapid development was spurred by the conversion of the Bayers Lake Industrial Park into a " business park " model containing Halifax's first big box outlet stores, as well as new highway interchange construction between Lacewood Drive and Highway 102.

23.The fictional town where Laura lives _ Lacewood, Ill . _ has come of age in the shadow of Clare Inc . Three out of five workers in the county are employed by Clare, and the town attributes its prosperity to the corporation.

24.In 2000, Amberwood Entertainment, a studio founded by Sheldon Wiseman after Lacewood's closure, acquired some of its assets from Paragon, including the series, and alongside Entertainment Rights began production of 26 more episodes, which debuted on the Family Channel the next year.

25.Jay Lichty creates all the instruments by hand using a wide variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods including Indian rosewood, Brazilian rosewood, pau ferro, cocobolo, lacewood, hormigo, koa, mahogany, ziricote, ancient kauri, maple, claro walnut and others for the instrument bodies.

26.The novel is also, just as unstoppably, the story of Laura Bodey _ a 42-year-old real estate agent in Lacewood, Ill ., gardener, mother of two, a woman with " no problem that five more years couldn't solve ."

27.At Chrysler, Thomas and Jordan Meadows try to make the van cool again with the Dodge Kahuna, a combination of van and woody station wagon . ( Its sides are covered with Australian lacewood . ) The Kahuna carries surfboards on a rack over an accordion-folding canvas roof and has sisal floormats.

28.But the novel spends most of its time tracing the history of Clare Soap and Chemical, familiarly known to Lacewood simply as " Clare " _ an idea born of two enterprising brothers and an Irish candlemaker, with the simple notion that, if cleanliness was indeed next to godliness, it could also be delivered for a price.

29.The novel tells two tales simultaneously _ the history of Clare, a conglomerate of consumer, agricultural and chemical products that began as a family candle-and-soap " manufactory " in the early 19th century, and the story of Laura Bodey, who lives in the present in Lacewood, Ill ., Clare's longtime headquarters.

30.The original vehicles had timber veneer interior finishes, and on the main line vehicles small plastic labels were fixed to the panels, giving the type of wood and its country of origin e . g . " Crown Elm Great Britain "; " Lacewood Great Britain ", etc . In 1955, an order was placed for 14 vehicles, with manufacturers being invited to incorporate innovative features; perhaps the most striking of these prototypes, which were completed in 1957, were those constructed by Cravens.

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