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English-Hindi > lachrymose" sentence in Hindi

lachrymose in a sentence

31.According to the American scholar Joel Beinin, Bat Ye'or exemplifies the " neo-lachrymose " perspective on Egyptian Jewish history.

32.The last track of the album, " Lachrymose Obsequious Vehement Elated " features Jamie tap dancing for the first time in a song.

33.In 1980, Graham wrote further pieces for Lyttelton's band, including " Adagio For David " and " Ladyless and Lachrymose ".

34.The first Pinkerton was a dramatic tenor, which is what Richard Di Renzi would like to be; lachrymose coarseness is not the same thing.

35.In The New York Times alone, his songs have been called " lachrymose " and dismissed as " processed cheese ."

36.The most lachrymose moments in Johnson's script are as subtle as 12-foot placards : " CRY NOW, " they blare.

37.In the aftermath of this flood of lachrymose leavetaking, this tsunami of tsoris, observers of cultural phenomena are obliged to judge the art of quitting.

38.This trend continues on their 2009 album, " Vast Oceans Lachrymose ", and on their 2011 album, " Fear of Infinity ".

39.Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are sent to live with their distant relative Josephine Anwhistle, a widow who lives on a cliff over Lake Lachrymose.

40.When Jana Novotna, a lachrymose Czech tennis star, won the ladies singles at Wimbledon in 1998, she did so with Skoda emblazoned on her shirtsleeves.

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