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English-Hindi > lackadaisical" sentence in Hindi

lackadaisical in a sentence

11.I think " lackadaisical " was the word used.

12.We came out lackadaisical and thought we had the game won,

13.He accused the administration of " lackadaisical oversight ."

14.An intelligent player who has been hurt by his lackadaisical play.

15.The longevity of dragons is evident in their often lackadaisical attitudes.

16.His lines came out by rote and his performances became lackadaisical.

17.This problem was compounded by the lackadaisical approach to command staffing.

18.The Haitian honor guard soon slumped back into its customary lackadaisical posture.

19."Too often we are lackadaisical, " she said.

20.We've been a little lackadaisical on the road.

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