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English-Hindi > ladylove" sentence in Hindi

ladylove in a sentence

1.LOVE above dove glove ladylove mourning dove of shove turtle dove

2.Ankineedu stabs Shirisha ( Anshu )-the ladylove of Raghava-to death.

3.He escapes from prison on learning that his ladylove was going to be married off.

4.How our one man army successfully defeats the baddies and joins hands with his ladylove.

5.Kunj and Yuvi reach there and individually try to win their ladylove's heart.

6.The captain and Captain Picard a favor by getting him and his ladylove back together again.

7.A mob hit man is assigned to guard his boss's ladylove, with dire consequences.

8.Dinky's yearning ladylove, Gidget, actually a kennelmate, has appeared in two of the ads.

9.We might even throw in $ 500 or so in expenses, so he could impress his ladylove when he returned.

10.Sumana, Binod Pandey s daughter, who is Rana s ladylove also helps to carry out this plan ."

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