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English-Hindi > learning ability" sentence in Hindi

learning ability in a sentence

21.This type of mediated learning allowed changes in learning ability.

22.In her book, Hannaford offers alternatives to enhance learning ability.

23.Education should provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop their learning abilities.

24."We're not appreciated and we're not given the material to enhance the students'learning ability,"

25.NGF has been shown to restore learning ability in rats recovering from induced alcoholism

26.The study also shows that air pollution also affected short-term memory, learning ability, and impulsivity.

27.But can a lack of play affect the creativity and learning abilities of normal children?

28.Doctors have said Mario's injury could ultimately impair his learning ability and fine motor coordination.

29.According to tradition, this practice brought him siddhis of superhuman memory retention and learning ability.

30.This prevented students from feeling safe in their schools and harmed all their learning abilities.

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