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English-Hindi > learning ability" sentence in Hindi

learning ability in a sentence

41.Due to their learning ability, flexibility, adaption and knowledge discovery, neural networks offer many advantages over traditional models.

42.Geno heads Clayton Academy, a private school for students with " learning abilities " on many cognitive levels.

43."Snakes, " he says, " exhibit spatial learning that rivals the learning abilities of birds and rodents ."

44.Indeed, there also appear to be a large genetic influence on other learning abilities, such as language skills.

45.Owing to its muscarinic and nicotinic agonist properties, arecoline has shown improvement in the learning ability of healthy volunteers.

46.You need to let her know, and she can request to have you tested to determine your learning abilities.

47.One thing that is certain is that the timing of children's meals has a major influence on learning ability.

48.Studies have shown that educational television can increase self-confidence, learning ability, and grades, while commercial TV lowers them all.

49.So far, tests have shown that alcohol impairs bee locomotion and learning ability, just as it does in people.

50.Overall, the StoS library program has and will continue to benefit the cognitive learning abilities of the Honduran community.

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