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English-Hindi > legal act" sentence in Hindi

legal act in a sentence

21.Prayer was understood to be a binding, legal act.

22.He otherwise wrote that Johnson's programs were right, and that secession was not a legal act.

23.Laws and other legal acts, or their separate provisions, that are deemed unconstitutional, lose legal force.

24.On December 12, 2008, by legal act 142 / 2008, the Steingrimur J . Sigfusson '.

25.They are legal acts which only apply to specified individuals, companies or a particular member state.

26."The last act you do for somebody shouldn't be something that is not a legal act,"

27.I consider those operations as legal acts of state which soldiers performed as servants of the state.

28.But the opposition claims secret deal violated the constitution, which requires all legal acts to be published.

29.Baker said by amending one of the legal acts in Australia, all laws now recognise electronic documents.

30.The purpose of this organization was to check that all new legal acts agreed with the Constitution.

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