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English-Hindi > legal act" sentence in Hindi

legal act in a sentence

41."It is strictly a legal act, an intervention on a very precise and very important point of law .'

42.This was considered a legal act, authorized by Judge Isaac Parker himself, however no one came forward with information.

43.The system of legislation encompasses all the relevant legal acts regulating public and private relations within that legal system.

44.The Constitutional Court Library owns a valuable collection of legal acts issued in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

45.Due to the martial law, the executions were carried out by the military by shooting though legal acts provided hanging.

46.Acquisition of the land by a public-sector body triggered the completion of the legal act of creating the new refuge.

47.The Nomocanon of Saint Sava ( ) was the first Serbian constitution from 1219 . This legal act was well developed.

48.As a chairman, he declared as " void " all laws and legal act approved during neutrality in World War II.

49.From that time on, the RadziwiBBs were also granted the privilege of keeping legal acts and other state documents in Nesvizh.

50.But the opposition claims the existence of a secret bilateral agreement violates the constitution, which requires all legal acts to be published.

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