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English-Hindi > legislates" sentence in Hindi

legislates in a sentence

41.As ObiterDicta says, these rules are legislated by each state.

42.The Privy Council legislates on Reserved matters through Orders in Council.

43.The assembly also had responsibility for legislating civil rights and taxation.

44.However, it could legislate on matters falling under provincial jurisdiction.

45.In 438 Theodosius legislated again, forbidding Pagan sacrifice once more.

46.The 1983 Mental Health Act legislated for the use of psychosurgery.

47.The " ex officio " members were legislated out.

48.This discrimination was first legislated in the Bill of Rights 1689.

49.That's not legislating, that's politics.

50.But if you legislate them out of existence, you practice censorship.

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