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English-Hindi > lexicology" sentence in Hindi

lexicology in a sentence

11.The " Vocabulary " is prepared by the Academy's Commission on Lexicology and Lexicography.

12.He participated on numerous domestic and international conferences ( onomastics, linguistic geography, lexicology etc . ).

13.English Language degrees may include the study of linguistics, sociolinguistics, philology and lexicology, among other subjects.

14.But lexicology is always fickle, especially in the most widely mis-used language in the world, English.

15.Rugova is an ethnographically diverse region, with great importance for the literary branches of lexicology, etymology and onomastics.

16.He was an expert on morphology, syntax, phonetics, lexicology, dialectology, and history of the Turkic languages.

17.The Department of Translation Technology ( TIM ) works with translation technology, speech recognition in language learning, terminology and lexicology.

18.The formal study of semantics intersects with many other fields of inquiry, including lexicology, syntax, pragmatics, etymology and others.

19.However, semasiology is also sometimes considered part of lexical semantics, a narrow subfield of lexicology ( the study of words ) and semantics.

20.Sometimes lexicography is considered to be a part or a branch of lexicology, but properly speaking, only lexicologists who actually write dictionaries are lexicographers.

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