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English-Hindi > leyden jar" sentence in Hindi

leyden jar in a sentence

11.It was initially believed that the charge was stored in the water in early Leyden jars.

12.A few revolutions of the handle was all that was needed to charge a Leyden jar.

13.Franklin wrote detailed letters and documents about his experiments with the electrostatic machine and Leyden jars.

14.However, this phenomenon is a special effect caused by the high voltage on the Leyden jar.

15.This became more commonly known as the Leyden jar after graduate student Pieter van Musschenbroek of Leyden.

16.Van Musschenbroek communicated on it with the French scientific community where it was called the Leyden jar.

17.Priestley ( England ) in 1775 used Leyden jars to make wire glow briefly and even melt.

18.The equipment he used was primitive, including a horse trough, a wrought iron point spark, and Leyden jars.

19.Invented in the 1740s at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands, that gadget was called a Leyden jar.

20.Battery technology-leyden jars-that's doable too.

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