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English-Hindi > machine language" sentence in Hindi

machine language in a sentence

21.It used true compilation into threaded code, and wrote its output to machine language object files.

22.The machine language code must remove all of these vaues before returning via the RTS instruction.

23.Each computer architecture has its own machine language.

24.I probably wrote as many lines in Cobol as any language except Basic, assembler or machine language.

25.The software is in Windows machine language.

26.Inside of each complicated machine language instruction, the microsequencer would be executing several simple instructions in microcode.

27.Such languages are considered high-level because they are closer to human languages and further from machine languages.

28.The magazine contained articles about machine language.

29.I probably wrote as many lines in Cobol as any language except BASIC, assembler or machine language.

30.A basic machine language debugger was standard.

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