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English-Hindi > machine language" sentence in Hindi

machine language in a sentence

31.A compiler translates the high-level source programs into target programs in machine languages for the specific hardware.

32.This last'1'usually signifies a machine language program.

33.CARDIAC had a 10 instruction machine language.

34.Methods have been proposed to use the operational semantics of machine languages to automatically generate verification condition generators.

35.Counting machine language instructions would be misleading because they can do varying amounts of work in different ISAs.

36.The original Linn 9000 operating system was mostly written in an esoteric high-level programming language called machine language.

37.SMEG also used exclusively 8086 machine language instructions, which meant it ran cleanly on any 80x86 based PC.

38.An early advocate of machine language monitors that many assembly language programmers used to debug and test code.

39.Every model of computer would likely use different instructions ( machine language ) to do the same task.

40.The BASIC language, which was easier to learn and use than raw machine language, became a standard feature.

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