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English-Hindi > mackintoshes" sentence in Hindi

mackintoshes in a sentence

31.Cameron Mackintosh has been called the greatest musical producer of our time.

32.Mackintosh ( 1868-1928 ) was particularly famous for his tearooms.

33.The skill with which Mackintosh integrated ornament and structure seems equally brilliant.

34.Neither Lloyd Webber nor Mackintosh were the important producers they later became.

35.Few details of Mackintosh's final years have survived.

36.Not Victor Horta in Brussels; not Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow.

37.Six months later, the musical team played the score for Mackintosh.

38.Whither Cameron Mackintosh, the guiding force behind them all?

39.Or has Mackintosh, 53, simply lost the touch?

40.Mackintosh said he was not preoccupied with his dwindling presence on Broadway.

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