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English-Hindi > mastaba" sentence in Hindi

mastaba in a sentence

11.Nefertkau may have buried in mastaba G 7050 at Giza.

12.Khamerernebty was buried in the mastaba belonging to her husband.

13.In the second dynasty mastabas were already showing designs reminiscent of stairways.

14.A mastaba doesn't look anything like the pyramids of Giza.

15.The term " mastaba ", which is Tura limestone.

16.The mastaba is about 10 meters long and about 4 meters wide.

17.The false doors are cut into the mastaba on its east side.

18.Washptah is mainly known from his mastaba in North Saqqara.

19.The mastaba was a huge burial complex that was found heavily destroyed.

20.He is mainly known from is mastaba ( C6 ) at Saqqara.

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