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English-Hindi > mastaba" sentence in Hindi

mastaba in a sentence

21.The mastaba was later usurped by an official called Nebkauher.

22.Izi is mainly known from different relief decorated blocks of his mastaba.

23.The tombs range from small pits to bigger elaborated mastabas.

24.Additionally, the surrounding mastaba tombs date to the reign of King Snefru.

25.The mastaba itself was once pretty large and contained large niches and chapels.

26.The simple graves evolved into mudbrick structures called " mastabas ."

27.The mastaba of Ptahshepses was built in three phases.

28.He was buried in a mastaba tomb in north Saqqara, now ruined.

29.In the mastaba was also found the statue of a woman called Hekenu.

30.His name and titles are preserved on two statues discovered in the mastaba.

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