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English-Hindi > meatier" sentence in Hindi

meatier in a sentence

11.Shorter than spareribs; generally meatier and more expensive.

12.That's plenty meatier than their display ads in Good Housekeeping magazine.

13.Many people want something meatier to lend extra weight to how they died.

14.But the prevailing opinion is that the story will revolve around meatier matters.

15.There were far meatier scandals in the old days.

16.We like them a lot because they are a bigger, meatier oyster,

17.So, to avoid that, people tend to bring up meatier topics.

18.Substituting the meatier, leaner country-style ribs doesn't quite do.

19.They will be meatier and easier to clean.

20.The chimp was $ 8, the bigger, meatier pig only $ 5.

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