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English-Hindi > misappropriate" sentence in Hindi

misappropriate in a sentence

21."Hunzvi misappropriated funds, " he said.

22.Neither employer nor employee should misappropriate assets that belong to the other.

23.1997 _ Five residents say Rubin misappropriated their disability benefits.

24.More is at stake here than a misappropriated historical analogy.

25.When narcotics are misappropriated, the person implicated is usually a physician.

26."He certainly didn't misappropriate any money ."

27.It accused the center of illegally " misappropriating"

28.Australian authorities allege he misappropriated several thousands dollars before fleeing the country.

29.Meanwhile, environmental activists warn that Ukraine might misappropriate any Western money.

30.The government must then fulfil its vow and recover all misappropriated money.

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