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English-Hindi > moonbeam" sentence in Hindi

moonbeam in a sentence

11.The first complaint against Moonbeams concerned the performance of its trading company.

12.She revealed in the fifth issue that her first name is Moonbeam.

13.In late spring Moonbeam took part in a Depeche Mode remix contest.

14.We watched the moon cast moonbeams on the sea on the way down.

15.How do you, in effect, hold a moonbeam in your hand?

16.In June 2012, the mall was sold at auction to Moonbeam Equities.

17.A lookout spots a tiny blip on the horizon, silhouetted by a moonbeam.

18.-- Moonbeam coreopsis and Ruby Glow sedum.

19.One night, the Kid claims to trap a moonbeam in a wooden box.

20.1992 : Coreopsis verticillata " Moonbeam " or thread-leaf coreopsis.

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