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English-Hindi > naivetes" sentence in Hindi

naivetes in a sentence

41.Her coach, Richard Callaghan, smiled at her naivete.

42.That charming naivete, however, soon dissolved into chaos.

43.Thornton borders on a Disney character with his enthusiasm and genuine naivete.

44."They're campy and have this naivete about them.

45.Osborne, in his Midwestern naivete, thought he was helping Phillips.

46.But I know the outcomes outweigh the mistakes and naivete.

47.He carries innocence without the burden of weakness or naivete.

48.Clearly, naivete is not a concept that engages Robinson.

49.Maybe the naivete wasn't endless, after all.

50.Southworth said, smiling at his naivete of long ago.

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