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English-Hindi > nakedly" sentence in Hindi

nakedly in a sentence

21.They left the town nakedly exposed.

22.It's rare that entertainment companies so nakedly reveal their contempt for their intended audience.

23.She only achieved fame toward the end of her life with a couple of nakedly emotional memoirs.

24.But Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue has become the equivalent of a nakedly ambitious sneak attack.

25.It is as nakedly political and partisan an exercise as this highly politicized Capitol has to offer.

26.In the show, Johnny Drama is nakedly, pathetically jealous of Vince's effortless success.

27.Here at Orso's, he seems nakedly open when he talks about himself as an actor.

28.Standing nakedly alone, without the protective color of other folks'favorites, local items are losers.

29.For others, there's a certain accident-gawking appeal in a film so nakedly exploitative.

30.But, she added, there will be no nakedly enthusiastic celebration this summer as at the Olympics.

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