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English-Hindi > o level" sentence in Hindi

o level in a sentence

11.The O Level examinations are given in two phases.

12.Later, it became the first secondary modern in Rotherham to offer O Levels its students.

13.He attended Kiamaina primary school and proceeded to Kamuiru High school for his O Levels.

14.Cambridge O Levels are only available for centres in administrative zones 3, 4 & 5.

15.This meant he finished his O Levels at age 14 and A Levels at age 16.

16.O levels and a grant system ( instead of Top-up fees ) still exist for students.

17.These pioneering pupils were the first group to write O levels exams in November of 1982.

18.Manarat has laboratories with up-to-date equipment for the standards of O Level and A Level examinations.

19.Thus when atmospheric 18 O levels are high enough, photosynthesis will act as a reducing factor.

20.In 1957 it offered the first O levels.

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