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English-Hindi > o level" sentence in Hindi

o level in a sentence

21.:: : I learnt Ancient Greek O level in the 1970s at an English grammar school.

22.It does it from the OS level, without reboots or FreeDOS or floppies or the like.

23.The school prepared students for the Cambridge O level examinations only and there were 109 students.

24.He completed his O levels in Harare.

25.This posed a problem, as, in England, the O Level and CSE had completely separate exam boards.

26.She left school after completing her O levels and did not undertake further study at that time.

27.It has three branches  Beacon Askari O level campus, Beacon Askari matric campus, and Montessori branch.

28.Born to parents from Mozambique, Sixpence began his studies in Tafara, finishing his O levels in Harare.

29.He attended King Edward VI Aston School in Aston, Birmingham and left there with 10 O Levels.

30.Lineker left school with four O Levels.

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