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English-Hindi > o level" sentence in Hindi

o level in a sentence

31.The last two years in secondary school, after GCE O Levels, are referred to as high school.

32.After the GCE passes at O level.

33.He completed his O Levels in 1987.

34.Failing to get the required five O levels, Kirkham got a job in a local furniture store.

35.A native of Mvurwi, Mhondorohuma attended primary school in his hometown, also completing his O levels there.

36.For entirely non-interactive tasks that need to store passwords the cleanest way is simply OS level file protection.

37.Studies begin in late February or early March, after the release of O Level results early each year.

38.After primary schooling, he went to Royal College Curepipe where he passed his O Levels and A levels.

39.The first O Level were of November 1985, and the first intake for A Level was in 1986.

40.Students who took Higher Mother Tongue at O Levels are exempted from taking Mother Tongue in JC / SMU.

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