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English-Hindi > o level" sentence in Hindi

o level in a sentence

41.He was one of the founders of the School Mathematics Project to reform O level and A level teaching.

42.Her best subjects were English Literature and English, and she scored an A for art at the O Levels.

43.But mostly it's impenetrable stuff about people getting their O levels and full blues in lacrosse and Yorkshire pudding.

44.In 2004 FPS built the O Level campus that caters for grades 7 to 11 ( O Level ).

45.In 2004 FPS built the O Level campus that caters for grades 7 to 11 ( O Level ).

46.He was educated at Chinga High School ( O level ) and at Lenana School ( A level ).

47.The GCE O level and A level qualifications along with ISSB training for recruitment in Armed forces of Pakistan.

48.Academic progress brought a modest crop of O levels and entry three years running to A level, ending satisfactorily.

49.Salmon was educated at Linden Lodge School where he gained O levels in History and English Language and Literature.

50.It was cancelled by Principal Shamim Khan due to structural issues and incompatibility of O level and metric systems.

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