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English-Hindi > oafish" sentence in Hindi

oafish in a sentence

21.Fortunately, the author has bigger plans : Finster is too oafish and possessive, Vanduu too ominous.

22.WB parents, too, aren't usually depicted in the oafish terms seen elsewhere on network TV.

23.Some people were oafish long before they made any money; some were turned into oafs by the sudden wealth.

24.But it also comes off looking a little dated in some ways, a little heavy and oafish in others.

25.Denying athletes every last weapon in their battles with management is to reduce them to the status of oafish children.

26.He finally gets the courage, but not before fending off an oafish rival and swimming half-way round the world.

27.Although many Hispanics decry Rodriguez's questionable racial images ( sleazy bartenders and oafish gunmen ), his movies are popular.

28.It helps to remember that even if your husband has just done something oafish, he's usually a good guy.

29.He's a jerk, but Scott's open-book face and oafish, blunt narcissism is a hoot.

30.Mike Myers is clearly having a blast giving his voice to Shrek, a green, oafish ogre with a Scottish brogue.

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