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English-Hindi > oaky" sentence in Hindi

oaky in a sentence

41.TEOFILO REYES, TINTO COSECHA, 1997 $ 39 Very oaky, sweet fruit flavors with an herbal edge.

42.If you find yourself with leftovers of one of the less-oaky Chardonnays, save it for cooking.

43.The average white wine will pale by comparison, but a big oaky Chardonnay will with fight the soup.

44.And, like Chardonnay, the variety can be made in an overly oaky and " fat " style.

45.In later years he drew " Oaky Doaks " from his home in Tenafly, New Jersey.

46.Some are oaky and buttery, while others may seem almost austere at first but open slowly in the glass.

47.The chardonnay has been fermenting but a day, yet already has the oaky quality of a fine white wine.

48.Everyone knew their California chardonnays in the'80s, even though they were all the same-- overly oaky.

49.Some of them are cloaked in sweet oaky flavors while others fall into an undistinguished category of reds without any character.

50.However, Clarke notes that wines from Blaufr�nkisch can take on too much oak flavoring and come across as excessively oaky.

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