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English-Hindi > oberon" sentence in Hindi

oberon in a sentence

21.Jochen Kowalski, a countertenor, is a strong, ominous Oberon.

22.When that happens, Oberon's demands and trickery make sense.

23.DUNNING But things get pretty passionate and conflicted for Titania and Oberon.

24.But De Luz was less an Oberon than a Puck.

25.And this human, unlike Oberon is a " horrid brute ".

26.Oberon has a low Bond albedo of about 14 %.

27.Oberon's accretion probably lasted for several thousand years.

28.Still, present knowledge of the evolution of Oberon is very limited.

29.In 1949 Oberon commissioned paintings of her mother from an old photograph.

30.Oberon is known to have been to Australia only twice.

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