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English-Hindi > on the high side" sentence in Hindi

on the high side in a sentence

11.That is on the high side for index funds, which are passively managed.

12.Real yields of 3 percent or more are historically on the high side.

13.Although this number is likely a bit on the high side.

14.The bank's rate increase was on the high side of expectations.

15.She took comfort in being on the high side, perhaps dryside, of Main.

16.The risks of accelerating inflation are " on the high side,"

17.Whoever calculated pitching as 90 percent of baseball erred on the high side.

18.Burned by that experience, chip forecasters prepared their 1996 forecasts on the high side.

19.The figures which you have seen are on the high side, " he said.

20.The fund's turnover rate is about 250 percent, on the high side, DiBella conceded.

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