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English-Hindi > on the high side" sentence in Hindi

on the high side in a sentence

21."And that's at a time when distillate inventories are already on the high side.

22.Interest rates are on the high side at this juncture due to credit crunch.

23."They are clearly on the high side on the growth " assumptions, Lott said.

24.Analysts'expectations are " on the high side, " he said.

25.At his right rear, trying to pass on the high side, was Ken Schrader.

26.The bank's move was on the high side of expectations.

27.That threshold seems to be on the high side.

28.I would call it modestly on the high side,

29.Worseck's stock weighting is on the high side of the spectrum among Wall Street strategists.

30.Auto sales were sluggish, with " inventories on the high side, " the Fed said.

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