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English-Hindi > on the high side" sentence in Hindi

on the high side in a sentence

31.The bottle list is on the high side, especially among whites; less so for reds.

32.Generally speaking the prices were on the high side.

33.Some people view that on the high side,

34.Unemployment will remain on the high side for some time as a result of corporate downsizing,

35.In wireless, Sprint PCS seems reasonably priced, while Nokia and Qualcomm seem on the high side.

36.David Ragan lined up on the high side after making a pass on Keselowski under caution.

37.Analysts were positive about the agreement, but said the bid was slightly on the high side.

38.Compared to the general New York market, the price is a little on the high side.

39.Right now we are on the high side.

40.It is probably on the high side.

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