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English-Hindi > on the high side" sentence in Hindi

on the high side in a sentence

41.In early June, however, the Rangers were still on the high side of the . 500 mark.

42.Lately, in the last six or seven years, we seem to have hit on the high side.

43.But officials emphasized this was a very rough figure . and could be on the high side.

44."That's considered on the high side ."

45.If forcibly thrown over the bike, the rider is said to have dismounted on the high side.

46.Also, prices are a bit on the high side ( the package I had costs $ 362;

47.Consumer confidence will wane in 1999 but, judged by historical standards, will remain on the high side.

48.She rolled the putt on the high side of the cup, and it dropped to save par.

49."It's certainly on the high side ."

50.Shop around for the best deal; prices tend to be on the high side . _ __

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