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English-Hindi > out and out" sentence in Hindi

out and out in a sentence

21.Frankly, I think Caser should be banned, out and out.

22.Dhanush shines out and out with his dual role play.

23."We out and out didn't like each other ."

24.What the government did was out and out extortion.

25.*The last was an out and out compliment in an effort to smoothe our relations.

26.You have to go out and out-execute your opponent.

27.Examples : ( out and out hostility and swearing towards myself for no reason ).

28.I made Billa an out and out commercial entertainer.

29.Cora might be the last man who ever out and out cried in the Kingdome.

30.Walks, wild pitches, hit batters, whiffs, hits-turned-outs and outs-turned-runs.

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