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English-Hindi > out and out" sentence in Hindi

out and out in a sentence

31.Idle has now gone from highway robbery to out and out murder for petty gain.

32.The English view of this as an out and out victory, while plausible, is flawed.

33.And one out and out don't delete from myself.

34.Todd has more of a hard court style, he's not an out and out clay-courter,"

35.By June 19, they were in fourth place, 7 games out and out of the race.

36.Brundage was an out and out American Nazi-- an organizer, party officer and a substantial contributor.

37.That is out and out funny ."

38.If it was out and out racism, a commercial statement, or something equally heinous, delete it away.

39.Soon Rowland is in the grip of an out and out obsession with Chris and his novel.

40.We cannot constantly be reaching out and out and more and more, and then nothing comes back.

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